Our Collection

Our Vision

Tiglami has been created with a clear vision: to go fiercely on our way and to leave our sign. Tiglami means uniqueness, pursuit of new inspirations and challenges. Our philosophy consists in creating a perfect synergy between unique Italian creativity and the excellence of our products. Our passion for cultural contamination and the pursuit of excellence are the vocation that moves us. 

Unique design

We work with passion in creating each product, making it an artwork. Our mission consists of creating unique products with an unmistakable style.

Our Challenge

Our will to excel in each circumstance and overcome new limits all the time is similar to the attitude of the boxers that never give up. Our tenacity gives us the enthusiasm to face new challenges with elegance and fierceness, just like our White Tiger.  Inspired by the successful character of Adam Creed, we designed a pair of socks to celebrate his determination and allow to everyone who wears them to feel his fighting attitude.

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